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The FLEX-STAR Advantage

  • Seamless. The most common reson for roof leaks is seam failure. FLEX-STAR forms a monolithic roof, meaning that it has no seams or gaps. This eliminates the possibility of seam failure and leaks.

  • Self-Flashing. FLEX-STAR is lightweight, flexible and fully adhered to all surfaces thereby eliminating flashing collapse.

  • Tough, flexible & lightweight. FLEX-STAR is able to withstand even the most extreme variations of temperature and the resulting thermal shock while adding less than the weight of 1/8" of water to the roof.

  • No hot asphalt, no flames, no noxious fumes! FLEX-STAR is practically odorless and is safe to install for customer and contractor alike.

  • Rapid installation. FLEX-STAR takes less than half as long to install as most other roofing systems!

  • Energy saving. The reflective qualities of the PLUS ONE & PLUS TWO systems significantly reduce the energy consumed by air-conditioning systems.

  • Tear off rarely required. Even the most deteriorated of roofs can usually be reroofed be FLEX-STAR with minimal tear off.

  • Easily maintained. FLEX-STAR utilizes no gravel or ballast to conceal problems or damage.

  • No disturbance of operations or employees. The quick, quiet FLEX-STAR installation process eliminates operation interruptions to your business.

  • Versatile. There is a FLEX-STAR system to cover any existing roof including flat gravel roofs, smooth surface systems, single ply systems, barrel roofs, and metal roof panels.


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